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Should I Consider a Crown or a Bridge?

Millions of patients come to the dentist’s office every year for restorative dental work. Two common restorative solutions offered at Dentistry4You in Suwanee, GA are crowns and bridgework. There are some cases when you’ll need a crown to cover up a problem and Crownsothers when a dental bridge is the best choice. Learn more about the difference between the two and which one you should consider for your dental problem. 

Getting a Crown
A crown is a tooth restoration that is made to be placed over an existing tooth. It’s commonly made of porcelain, ceramic or metal material—all durable and designed to last for years. When you need a crown, it’s usually because there’s a tooth that needs a little help. For example, if you have a chip or crack in the tooth, but the root and bone tissue is healthy, a crown will provide a new covering for the surface. If the tooth is discolored beyond bleaching, a crown gives it back its attractive white appearance.

About Bridges
Bridges are dental appliances that are used to fill small gaps in the teeth. They are made of two crowns with a replacement tooth at the center. With the help of two anchor teeth, the bridge is securely positioned over the gums with dental cement. Bridgework by Dentistry4You in Suwanee GA can last for a decade if you prioritize good oral hygiene and see your dentist often.

Which One Is Best for You?
Now that you know the difference between crowns and bridges, you know which one is best for your specific dental problem. In short, if you have an otherwise healthy tooth that needs a minor repair, a crown is the ideal choice, and if you have a missing tooth (or two), a bridge will help restore your smile. 

Talk to Your Dentist
Have a dental exam at Dentistry4You in Suwanee GA in the near future so that you and your dentist can decide if crowns or bridges are the right treatment. Call the office at (770) 614-3232 today to request an appointment time.

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