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When are Crowns and Bridges Needed?

How crowns and bridgework can create your new smile

Dental crowns and bridgework are the perfect solution for teeth that are badly decayed or damaged. They can create a new smile for youdental crownsby giving you a full set of teeth again. Crowns and bridgework are color-matched to your existing teeth, making them nearly indistinguishable from your other teeth. The result is a smile that is beautiful and natural. But don’t see just anyone because you deserve the best, like the dentists at Dentistry 4 You in Suwanee, Georgia. They would like to help you discover a new smile with crowns and bridges.

Dental crowns are made from different materials. You can choose from gold, which is used primarily for back teeth because of its strength. Porcelain can be fused onto the gold, for a more natural look. You can also have a full porcelain crown, the perfect choice for front teeth, or teeth that show when you smile. Your dentists at Dentistry 4 You can also create CEREC ceramic crowns. CEREC crowns are made in the office; they don’t have to be sent out to a dental lab. CEREC crowns can be done in one appointment while you wait!

No matter which material you use, a crown is much stronger than a filling, because a crown encases your entire tooth with a protective cap. Crowns offer great protection to keep your teeth from breaking, which is why they are the restoration of choice if you have a tooth that has a root canal. Fillings sometimes actually weaken a tooth, and if you bite just right, the filling can break, taking a piece of tooth with it. Large metal fillings can also be bulky and unsightly. Crowns actually blend in to your smile.

To replace multiple missing teeth a dental bridge is usually much better than a removable partial because you don’t have to remove a bridge. A bridge blends in with your smile, much like a crown does. Bridges look completely natural and beautiful.

Your dentists at Dentistry 4 You will color-match your crown or bridge exactly, so it blends in and becomes a natural part of your smile. That means you and your friends will only notice your great new smile, not metal fillings! For beautiful and natural looking crowns and bridgework, you need to see the best. Call the experts at Dentistry 4 You at Suwanee, Georgia. Learn how crowns and bridgework can help create your new smile. Call today!

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