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Posts for: April, 2015

By Dentisty 4 You
April 24, 2015
Tags: Crowns  

One trip to the Suwanee dentist is all you need to get a superior dental crown.

In the past a trip to your Suwanee dentist to get a traditional crown usually required two separate visits: one to prepare the tooth Dental Crownsand the second to actually permanently place the dental crown; however, now we are making it a bit easier to get your dental crowns in one visit.

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC crowns look the same as regular dental crowns the only difference is that the crown can be designed, made and placed in only one dental visit using CAD/CAM technology.

What are CEREC crowns used to treat?

A CEREC crown can be used for the same issues that a regular dental crown can including covering a tooth that has been damaged or weakened by direct trauma, infection, decay or flawed dental work. Same-day crowns can also protect a cracked or chipped tooth from further damage. The only time a CEREC crown isn’t recommended is when the tooth has sustained damage that is below the gumline.

What does getting CEREC crowns from my Suwanee dentist entail?

In the past we needed to use a putty-like substance to take impressions of your tooth, but now with this unique technology we only need to use a small camera to snap precise photos of your smile to help create your crown.

These photos will then be uploaded to our computer where we can use the CAD software to begin designing your crown based on the measurements taken from the images. Once you have approved the look of your crown we will use the CAM technology to create your dental crown in our office while you wait. Then, we will permanently cement the crown to your tooth. The entire process only takes one hour!

If you need to repair a broken, weak or severely stained tooth and want to find out whether same-day crowns are the right choice for you, then schedule a consultation with Drs. Uday and Shetal Parikh at Dentistry 4 You, your Suwanee, GA practice. Find out why over 28 million people have turned to same-day crowns to restore their smiles!


Daily fatigue or complaints of your snoring from family have led you to see your doctor about the problem. After an exam and a test session in a sleep lab, your problem now has a name — obstructive sleep apnea.

This common sleep-related breathing disorder (SRBD) occurs when the soft tissues in the back of the throat over-relax during sleep. The relaxed tissues obstruct air flow to the trachea (windpipe) and cause “apnea,” where you cease to breathe. The lack of oxygen causes you to wake, even for a micro-second, to begin breathing again. This may occur multiple times throughout the night, diminishing the quality of your sleep and leading not only to drowsiness and daily fatigue but also contribute to cardiovascular disease or other systemic conditions.

The most effective treatment for sleep apnea is the use of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine while you sleep. The machine delivers pressurized air to a face mask you wear while you sleep; the additional pressure keeps the airway open. However, a CPAP machine does have a few disadvantages, including discomfort while attached to the machine, nasal congestion and dryness, or claustrophobia. These effects can be so pronounced for some patients, they’re unable to adjust themselves to the machine.

If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, there may be an alternative — a custom-fitted oral appliance we manufacture for you to wear in your mouth while you sleep. The appliance pulls the lower jaw forward resulting in a wider opening of the airway. In addition to being less cumbersome than a CPAP mask, an oral appliance is easier to wear, compact in size for easy travel and doesn’t require electricity.

While an oral appliance is an effective alternative to a CPAP machine for many patients, it does have a few disadvantages including problems with saliva flow (too much or too little), muscle or teeth soreness and minor tooth or jaw movement. Still, an oral appliance might be the right solution to relieve your sleep apnea over the long-term.

If you would like more information on treatments for sleep apnea, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Sleep Disorders & Dentistry” and “Sleep Apnea FAQs.”


Nate Berkus, author, interior designer and host of his own television program, The Nate Berkus Show, is a consummate professional who has always focused on “helping others love the way they live,” as he puts it. Berkus is known as one of America's most beloved go-to-guys for inspiration on the latest design trends. And then there is his captivating smile.

In an exclusive interview with Dear Doctor magazine, Berkus discusses his trademark smile. Unlike most people in Hollywood, his smile is totally natural — he never wore braces or had any cosmetic work. However, Berkus does give credit to his childhood dentist for the preventative healthcare he received as a young boy. Berkus states, “I'm grateful for having been given fluoride treatments and sealants as a child. Healthy habits should start at a young age.”

As for his oral hygiene routine today, Berkus says he brushes his teeth at least two times a day, and sometimes three times a day. Berkus is also an avid “flosser” and follows the important flossing advice he learned from his dentist: “Floss the ones you want to keep.”

In addition to his design expertise, Berkus is right on the mark with his opinions on oral hygiene. In fact, he inspired our office to put together the following list of facts and oral health tips:

  • The first step in improving your oral health is to learn good oral hygiene behavior. Simply put, to maintain optimal oral health, you must brush and floss properly so that you thoroughly remove the dental plaque.
  • The second step is a thorough evaluation system. We are a key part of this step. During your next office visit, we can conduct a thorough examination, review your brushing and flossing techniques, examine the health of your tongue and discuss any questions you have. We can also clean your teeth and ensure that you leave our offices confident with your new oral hygiene routine. And if you don't have an appointment, contact us today to schedule one.

To learn more about improving your oral hygiene, you can continue reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Oral Hygiene Behavior - Dental Health For Life.” And to read the entire interview with Nate Berkus, please see the article “Nate Berkus.”