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Posts for: July, 2015

By Dentisty 4 You
July 30, 2015
Tags: celebrity smiles   braces  

Have you started orthodontic treatment recently? Are you having a little trouble getting used to your braces? If so, you are not alone: Everybody goes through an adjustment period during which they momentarily wonder if they’ll really ever get used to this. Don’t worry — you will! And we’ve never heard anyone say, on the day their braces come off and their new smile is revealed, that they aren’t glad they went the distance. Just ask Houston Rockets all-star center Dwight Howard, who discussed his own orthodontic treatment in a recent interview.

“I’m sure I was no different than anyone else who has ever had braces,” he told Mediaplanet. “At first I hated them so much… That changed once I got used to them and I actually grew to love them.” What’s Howard’s advice? “Do exactly what your orthodontist says and know that the outcome is well worth it in the end.” We couldn’t agree more! Here are some tips for wearing braces comfortably:

  • Hard & Chewy Foods: If you love fresh fruits and vegetables, that’s great; there’s no reason to give them up, just the really hard ones. You don’t want to bite into an apple or carrot or any other hard foods like bagels and pizza that have any “size” to them. Small pieces may be ok as long as they can’t bend your wires. Chewy, sticky candy should really be avoided completely. Same with soda, sports drinks and so-called energy drinks because they contain acids that promote tooth decay and can cause a lot of damage around the braces.
  • Effective Oral Hygiene: Keeping your teeth clean is more important than ever, but also more challenging than ever. It’s easy for food to get stuck under wires and around brackets, but failing to remove it can cause tooth decay, gum irritation and soreness. Therefore, the cleaner your teeth and your braces are, the healthier you will be. Use interdental cleaning brushes and/or a floss-threader to get behind your wires. A mouthrinse can also help strengthen teeth and keep bacteria in check. If you have any questions about how to clean between your teeth, please ask for a demonstration at your next visit.
  • Pain Relief: Some soreness at the beginning of orthodontic treatment is normal. To relieve it, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever and/or a warm washcloth or heating pad placed on the outside of the jaw. If brackets or wires are rubbing against the inside of your cheeks or lips, try applying wax to these areas of your braces. If this does not offer enough relief, we may be able to trim the end of a poking wire. Call us if you need help with this.

Our goal is to make your orthodontic treatment as comfortable as possible on the way to achieving your all-star smile. If you have questions about adjusting to braces, contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Caring for Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment.”


While pediatric dentistry has made great strides in making young patients’ dental visit experiences more relaxing, some children and teenagers still have difficulty with anxiety. Their anxiety in turn can make necessary care much harder to provide.

For difficult cases, many dental providers for children now incorporate a technique known as conscious sedation to help ease anxiety. With this technique, they’re able to perform procedures like cavity-filling or tooth-extraction that are more difficult with an anxiety-prone patient.

While general anesthesia creates a total loss of consciousness, conscious sedation uses precise medications to suppress consciousness at different levels ranging from light to deep suppression, and create a relaxed state for the patient. A child under sedation can still breathe normally and respond to certain stimuli, including touch and verbal commands. For only a light or minimal effect, a dentist normally administers the sedation drug as a pill the child takes orally. For deeper sedation, the medication is most likely delivered through a vein (intravenously).

Sedation reduces fear and anxiety but not necessarily pain, so it’s often accompanied by some type of anesthesia, either a local anesthetic delivered by injection to the procedure site or with a nitrous oxide/oxygen gas combination that’s inhaled through a mask worn by the patient.

Even though the child isn’t completely unconscious, one of the dentist’s staff will monitor vital signs (heart and respiration rates, blood pressure and blood oxygen level) throughout the procedure. This continues even after the treatment is over until the child’s vital signs return to pre-sedation levels. Once released, they will need a ride home and should rest for the remainder of the day. They can then return to school and resume other normal activities the next day.

With the advent of newer and safer drugs, conscious sedation is becoming a more widespread technique in both medicine and dentistry. Using it to ease a child’s anxiety increases the chances they’ll receive all the dental care they need without unpleasant memories of their visit that could follow them into later life.

If you would like more information on the role of conscious sedation for children, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Sedation Dentistry for Kids.”

By Dentistry4You
July 08, 2015
Tags: invisalign  

Pain, inconvenience, and conspicuous fixtures with orthodontics are a thing of the past thanks to Invisalign.

If your teeth are in need of straightening, you might be hesitant to talk to your Suwanee, Georgia dentist about braces. You probably Invisalignaren't looking forward to the idea of having a "metal mouth." Maybe you went through years of having braces as a teen and don't want to repeat that lengthy and painful process.

But great strides have been made in the field of orthodontics, which means you now have the option of Invisalign. You can have a straight and beautiful smile in less time without uncomfortable fixtures on display. Drs. Uday and Shetal Parikh are proud to offer this revolutionary treatment to their patients at Dentistry 4 You in Suwanee, Georgia.

Advanced technology from start to finish

Your Suwanee dentists start by taking digital impressions of your teeth with a 3D imaging system. These impressions are used to create a series of Invisalign aligners, which look similar to dental whitening trays. They are made from thin, flexible plastic; they are transparent and hardly noticeable to other people. They work by placing subtle pressure on your teeth, which gradually moves them to where they should be.

Each aligner is worn for a couple weeks, at which time you switch it out for the next one in the series. The average treatment time for patients is approximately one year, or between nine and fifteen months depending on your situation. 

Invisalign's advantages

While traditional bracket-and-wire braces are effective, they are conspicuous and can be uncomfortable. Invisalign, however, lives up to its name - the clear aligners are made to fit against your teeth so that they aren't easily noticed. Their snug design makes them highly effective as well. With Invisalign, you don't have to give up foods like popcorn, sandwiches and apples, because the trays are meant to be removed while eating. Brushing and flossing your teeth are also much easier. 

However, Invisalign isn't for everyone. Those with severe crowding or gaps may be better suited for traditional braces. Invisalign's success is also dependent on your participation. Your Suwanee dentists advise their patients to wear the aligners as much as possible, including during sleep. Children and young teens may not be able to keep up with this regimen, and the aligners are then at risk for being lost or misplaced while removed from the mouth.

96% of people who have completed the Invisalign treatment are satisfied with the results, making it a great choice for adults and older teens. Contact the dental team at Dentistry 4 You in Suwanee, Georgia to learn more about straightening your smile easily and comfortably.

By Dentistry4You
July 02, 2015
Tags: dentures  

Dentures Dentures are a popular solution for patients who have a number of missing teeth. Patients of Dentistry4You in Suwanee, GA are often relieved when they finally get their dentures, because it gives them a brand new smile and a new start. If you’re not yet sure if dentures are right for you, explore how they can restore your confidence and improve your life.

What Are Dentures?
A denture is a dental appliance that is created to match the shape of your jawline. It looks similar to one of the dental models that you might have seen on display in a dentist’s office. It is made with an acrylic base (the pink gums) and plastic or porcelain teeth. The dentist takes an impression of the shape of your gum line to have a custom denture made. A couple of fitting appointments may be necessary to ensure that each denture fits comfortably and snugly over your gums.

Restoring Your Confidence
Modern dentures are very attractive and functional. Your Suwanee, GA dentist can custom design and shape an appliance so that it perfectly fits your mouth. Dentures look like your very own white, straight teeth, and the pink color of the base complements your smile nicely. Having dentures gives your confidence a boost, because you can finally smile brightly when you’re around friends, and eat the foods you love without feeling discomfort. 

How Long Do Dentures Last?
A custom denture appliance can last up to seven years, or even longer with regular maintenance. You must visit your dentist twice per year (or more often) for checkups and to evaluate the denture in case it needs adjusting. Over time, the shape of the jawline may change as bone tissue in the gums diminishes, which is why regular exams and X-rays are important for denture patients.

Schedule a Denture Consult
High self-confidence is important for optimal health and well-being. If you’re not happy with your teeth and are considering dentures, call Dentistry4You in Suwanee, GA at (770) 614-3232 to set up a consultation with a qualified dentist. You are only a few dental visits away from having the beautiful smile you’ve always imagined.